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Northern Hemisphere Forecast Map

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The OVATION model provides estimates of where the aurora might be visible. The images show both where the aurora is most likely to be observed as well as how bright it might be. The model also calculates a globally integrated total energy deposition in gigaWatts (GW). This is referred to as the Hemispheric Power and ranges from 5 to 150. For values below about 20, there may be little or no aurora observable. For values between 20 and 50, you may need to be near the aurora to see it. For values above 50, the aurora should be quite observable with lots of activity and motion across the sky. Once the Hemispheric Power reaches levels of 100 or more, this is considered to be a very significant geomagnetic storm and the aurora may be seen from hundreds of miles away.

Northern Hemisphere Auroral Map
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